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Water Awareness


Every day we do (or avoid doing) things which affect the amount of water we use and the condition or quality of the water we dispose. Here’s an opportunity for you to consider what your contribution is, to the problem and to the solution. Take a few minutes to complete this checklist. You can even print it out. You will know How You Measure Up!

Do You………

leave the tap water running as you brush your teeth or shave?

turn the lawn sprinkler on during mid-day?

throw used containers of paint, solvents, or cleansers into the trash?

empty leftover paint, solvents or cleansers into the kitchen sink?

run the washing machine or dishwasher with small loads?

water your lawn frequently during the summer to achieve a lush cover?

use lots of fertilizers and lawn feeder to help the lawn recover from the winter?

clean the driveway, sidewalk or curb side by hosing it down with water?

leave the shower running to heat up the bathroom?

wait to repair a dripping faucet until it turns into a steady leak?

use the toilet to dispose of ordinary waste and bugs around the house?

wash the car every weekend in the summer?

change your oil in the street or use storm drains to dispose of the used oils?

wash lawn and gardening trimmings into the curb or down storm drains?

use the garbage disposal to get rid of food scraps?

know where your water goes? or comes from?

write to your public officials about obvious mismanagement or disregard for community water resources?

volunteer to help clean up a water body or promote quality awareness in your community?

vote for programs or candidates that protect the environment?

know who operates your water utility?

know how much it costs for your water supply and waste water treatment?